This page is dedicated to German Shepherd dogs who have been either lost or stolen. Please take a look at them and see if you recognize them. Their owners are worried sick about them and would love nothing more than to have them return home safely to them.

Please contact the persons associated with each dog if you have seen their dog, or think you may have seen him/her.

Thank You!
Annmarie Mikelski
National Director/President
Echo Dogs White Shepherd Rescue

(Missing from Minnesota)

Haily is our calico cat that was also taken. She is very Identifiable. When we adopted her she had the top of her ears frost bitten, so she only has 1/2 ears. She is Black, orange, and white in color, with gold eyes. Her face is mostly orange. She is declawed in the front and spayed, and only weighs about 8-10 pounds. She loves people and dogs. Not fond of other cats. We are offering a large REWARD for their safe return.

Keri Albee
Belle Plaine, MN
an endless search for Kira!


My white german shepherd and calico cat were taken from my home on 11/22/02. Please help!! I need people to help watch at shelters and in local newspapers. I will check any leads. They could be anywhere by now.

Kira is solid white. Her ears are rounded on top and are fairly large. Both of her ears stand up. She is very high energy and is very friendly. She was around 65 pounds but could be more or less now. She has large brown eyes and a brown nose that has some pink wearing through. She was not spayed when she was taken but may be now. She still has her dew claws. People who don't know what a white shepherd is may mistake her for an all white husky or even a large eskimo without a curling tail. She has a fairly smooth coat that is longer around her neck and tail.

She is 3 years old but still acts like a puppy. She loves people, cats, and dogs.

If you see Kira or Haily call Keri ASAP!





BY PHONE: 540-377-9865

BY E-MAIL: rumblehome@netscape.net


Description of Rumble

Lost in Chester, VA, 1:45 am, 6/28/02
Shiloh Shepherd (looks like giant, long-haired German Shepherd). Mostly black, with some tan/cream markings. Shy. Was 125 lbs, but is probably less now.

30" at shoulder (size of small deer or miniature pony)
29-month-old neutered male. Updated 2/05/03, 12:01am
Rumble is not "valuable" except to his family
He's not AKC-registered (he's a cross of a couple AKC breeds).
He can't be bred because he's neutered
Family & friends chipped in for the reward

Rumble is a shy, gentle-spirited fellow whose family loves him very much. Most of his life has been spent in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Nelson County, thus he is unfamiliar with traffic, busy neighborhoods, and people he doesn’t know. We believe Rumble is trying to find his way home to Nelson County. Please help Rumble find his family.



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