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I'm Mark G. Echterling and I founded Echo Dogs White Shepherd Rescue in Cedar Lake, IN. We cover most of the US and Canada with the help of a network of volunteers, using an email list, and a web page of available dogs which is updated by Annmarie Mikelski in Texas

We use a strict application process ,contracts, home checks, follow-up inspections, and training help.

My dogs Max and Shadow, and I also volunteer as instructors for Dogs Scouts of America during their summer camps. We spend alot of time out in the public finding homes for rescues.

Max and Shadow are great ambassadors of their breed. Max is a owner turn-in Rescue that I kept ,was able to change his name, register him, trained and competed in UKC conformation.

When I found him in Nov. 99 Max was 15 months old, and very afraid. No socialization, no training. He had spent most of his life on a 5ft chain. His breeder, Jean Reeves was willing to take him back, but we fell in love with him and she allowed us to keep him. We started training and socializing right away.

2 1/2 months later in Feb. I entered him in his 1st UKC multibreed conformation show. I was a little worried that he may not like being examined by strange judges, but he did great!

Mark & Max Instructing Classes at Dog Scouts Camp

Mark & Max Instructing Classes at Dog Scouts Camp.

Shadow & Max Showing Off Their Ribbons

Shadow & Max Showing Off Their Ribbons

By the end of April he had earned his Champion Title and in December of 2000 he made Grand Champion. Max did real well for being sold as just Pet quality, being neglected, and then placed in Rescue.

There was a lot of competition with over 80 White Shepherds competing that year. There were 34 new Champions, but only 3 males and 3 females made Grand Champion including Max and Shadow.

Now he is known as UKC Gr Ch Royal Echos Maximum TDI,DSA,PDX,CGC, TT.

Shadow"s full name is UKC GR CH Tumbledowns Moon Shadow TT,TDI,DSA,PDX, CGC. Max and Shadow both have well over the 100 miles under pack for their PDX titles, and both have earned a lot of merit badges at Dog Scouts. Max and Shadow have both passed their Service Dog test and evaluation, and are now certified service dogs for mobility assistance, seizure response, and have also both demonstrated the ability for seizure alert, AND are both responsible for saving Mark's life on I-70 on my way back from Abiline, Kansas. Here is a link to a page with pictures of Max. http://awsaclub.com/dogfun/camp_dogs.htm

Back in September 2002 Echo Dogs was invited by the Hendricks County Humane Society to attend the Heritage Days Festival and Adoption Day in Avon, Indiana.

We didn't take any of our available rescues with us, just my dogs Max & Shadow. We did give out a few dozen applications, but Margaret Stafford and I basically went to promote responsible dog ownership, adopting a rescue, help Henderson Co. HS attract a crowd, place some of their dogs and raise some money for them. Max and Shadow spent the day getting petted and they each did a painting that the HS auctioned off. Yes both of them paint water color painting with their paw.

Shadow is pretty good on the piano and can a play the drums as well.

Kerstin is a Therapy Dog

Kerstin is a Therapy Dog

Shadow is Painting For the Kids

Shadow is Painting For the Kids

Max and Shadow are both active TDI certified Therapy Dogs.

This is Shadow's sister Kerstin doing therapy-dog work at a nursing home in Kansas.

Echo Dogs White Shepherd Rescue Regional Coordinators:

Midwestern Region
Donna McNeely
IA, WY, MN, SD, ND, IL, West-Central Canada

Pacific Northwest Region
Diane Dressler
MT, OR, WA, ID, SW Canada

Southwestern Region
Annmarie Mikelski

Great Lakes Region
Deanna Reeves
OH, WI, MI, IN, East Central Canada

Heartland Region
Susan Fishbein

North Atlantic Region
Greg Fuller
RI, NH, VT, ME, MA, SE Canada

Mid Atlantic Region
Shana Gilbert


Southeastern Region
Lisa McVety

South Central Atlantic Region
Casey Speas


Gulf Coast Region
Denise Tuttle

General Info: info@whiteshepherdrescue.org

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Annmarie Mikelski

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