(Our Friends)

White Shepherd

Mom has her work cut out for her!

Mom Definitely Has Her Work Cut Out For Her!

Sandhills Twist of Fate

Stella & Suzy in their car
Road Trip
Stella & Suzy in Ft. Stockton Texas
World's Largest Roadrunner

Riley and Blue
Blue and Riles

Stella at Lake Powell Utah
I used to live here Suzy, YOU didn't, nah-a-nah!

Polo-Luna & Kids

Polo, Luna & Family

Family Xmas

Family Christmas

St. Francis Protect Us!


Roo and Shadow

Roo & Shadow

Cute baby Rion


Girls n Dogs

Cute baby Apollo


Cute baby Digger


Rion on the porch


Xmas 2000

XMAS 2000

Reiger Therapy Dog

Reiger, Therapy Dog

Dis Family

Apollo, Dakota & Rainee

The Joshua Tree-o

Stella, Suzie & Suzy

Tiny baby Snowie



After the Shows

Rion, (AL), Kerstin, Romeo, Trinity, Roller

Countryman Family

Countrymans Family Portrait

Somebody lose their bunny slipper?

Somebody Lose Their Bunny Slipper?

Pretty pair

Star & Luna

Stella and Suzy at Lake Amistad

Stella & Suzy in Lake Amistad, TX

Osa Blanca

Osa Blanca

Canoeing Dogs

Canoeing Dogs



Snow Dogs

Snow Dogs

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